Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Frazzle Dazzle

frazzle |ˈfrazəl| informalverb [ trans. [usu. as adj. ( frazzled)cause to feel completely exhausted; wear out a frazzled parent.• fray change the skirt if it gets frazzled figurative it's enough to frazzle the nerves.
I love this word...it rhymes so well with dazzle. But trust me, being frazzled is anything but dazzling. Notice that the example above, taken right from the dictionary on my Mac, refers to  "parents" and "nerves". The one reference that's not -  "skirt" -  still has a feminine reference. 
I believe women get frazzled more often than men because of that innate ability to look ahead into the future and worry... or plan things. We women tend to be planners and that sometimes makes us control freaks. 
     Then we get frazzled.
I've experienced all of this lately. It's the end of a homeschool year, the kids are on my nerves and I'm getting on my own nerves. 
We're having a family wedding here in town in a few days and 70 people are coming to my house for the traditional Arabic "sahra," which is basically a huge party with tons of food and dancing.
I'm so frazzled that this week, I...
    tried to deliver a meal to a family in need, two days before I was scheduled.
    drove past my destination while running errands (not once, but three times). 
     forgot to get my change at the drive thru, because I didn't have time to make my        kids lunch. 
     rushed my kids out the door to several doctor appointments (which I was too        early for). This was the result of that...

And, while trying to multi-task and get dressed at the same time I did this...

 It's kind of hard to see but basically I jammed one pair of earrings in my ear directly on top of the other. It was painful, but I ignored it, like a few weeks ago when I filleted my own finger and then bandaged it up myself because I was too busy to get stitches.
Obviously, it's time to take stock of my schedule and make some changes or I'm going to actually lose some body parts.
So is it just me? Do you get frazzled in the spring too? Tell me a story so I feel better about myself:)



  1. Yes, I have experienced the frazzle dazzle! My schedule has been super busy lately, and yesterday I showed up at someone's house for an appointment on the wrong day at the wrong time! Yikes!!! Luckily she is super nice and just laughed it off, but I thought man, I need to calm down, slow down and pare down. When I start feeling the need to listen to Yanni in the car to relax between appointments, I know its time to slim down the schedule :)

    And yes, I too have tried to shove two earings into one hole!

  2. You just made me feel infinitely better!