Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sharing: Resources for researching your family history

As soon as I officially began researching my family's history, I realized I was undertaking an enormous task. It was so overwhelming I had to stop for a time so I could gather some more facts and energy.

I tend to jump into a task without first counting the cost or effort it's going to take on my behalf. That sort of mindlessness stops when you suffer chronic pain, by the way. Researching takes long hours of sitting, hunching and concentration.  It's more difficult than we anticipate, but I believe God fulfills the desires of our heart and I've always wanted to understand my place in His story.

               Our story begins with our families.

That being said, one of the best overall resources I've found is family tree magazine. It's filled with oodles of articles, tips, charts and websites to help guide us on this journey. For instance, one recent article explained the story behind certain surnames from different areas of the world. From this, I was prompted to research my maiden name and discovered it was used to describe a "round bald man."

              That's so awesome!

Even if you have a secretive family like mine, we can circumnavigate some of the mysteries of our heritage and have a great time doing it.
                                                                                        Happy Hunting!

Family History Tip: Have at least 10 copies of worksheets for each branch of your family. Keeping track of every person on each side is easier if you put their names and information on worksheets as you find them.

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