Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What's your ONE thing?

By Erika Rizkallah

It's often difficult to feel productive when you live with chronic pain. The daily struggles of life become well . . . a daily struggle.

That means they're hard. For everybody. For us especially.

I've redefined success for me. I've also redefined productivity.

I wake up each morning and have quiet time with God. Then I ask myself this question:

What's the ONE thing I need to do in order to feel productive today?

Then I answer it. Sometimes, making dinner is my ONE thing. Sometimes it's sending out a few greeting cards, making something with my hands or grading a pile of papers.

Today my ONE thing is starting a new exercise program. Exercise is a must for people suffering with chronic pain. And it's hard because it hurts, but in the long run it helps.

So today, I will jump in my pool and SWIM. Even though it's cold. Even though my joints are going to kill me and I will mess up my hair.

I will do it.

Today's THE day!

Want to join me? What's your ONE thing?


  1. Today, I am going to the gym to set up an appointment with the trainer. I won't make it there to work out everyday, but it's a start.
    Unfortunately, that's not the only thing I have to do today, but it's a step in the right direction for my health.

    1. Go Ginger! Any step in the right direction is a good one. I'll be praying over your good start and your health. Thanks for stopping by and may God bless you with His favor ~ Erika