Saturday, September 12, 2015

Strength: Are you feeling weak lately?

Have you ever found yourself in a position of overwhelming weakness? Or you're just plain old exhausted?

I find myself in that place frequently.

Here's a scripture I've been memorizing for the last few weeks . . .

I've been sapped of strength emotionally, spiritually and physically. Then one day it hit me as I read this scripture.
The Lord is my strength. IS

So I started praying this over and over whenever I felt depleted and you know what?

I got strength. It's astounding to me and so simple - all we have to do is ask and pray and God's IS gets transferred to us spiritually.

Now, I'm focusing on the shield part of this verse. We don't use them nowadays but once they were a warrior's key piece of armor. She held the shield in front of her to protect her body from the weapons of the enemy.

Hmmm. I just may have to try this too!

Your turn: Have you leaned on God for your strength lately? Have you asked him to supply what you're lacking?

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