Thursday, December 8, 2011

This Is How We Do It! - End of Year Account Update

Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find my delight. Turn my heart toward your statutes and not toward selfish gain.  Psalm 119:35-36

The ancient writers of the Bible believed there were two paths a person could take: one lead to life and the other to death. God has a purpose and plan for each one of us, but it's up to us to seek him and have the guts to follow the path he's marked out.

My friend Terri and I have a ministry together designed to help women become "Unstuck". The purpose? Seek God, believe that what he's speaking into your heart is his path for your life, and then strengthen and encourage those on the journey.

Throughout the year we tackle the actions necessary to get us moving forward. As the last days of 2011 fade away, we may want to wrap up some of the actions and objectives we've worked on all year.

Many women will spend more time planning holiday parties and menus than they will on their own journey with The Lord.  Below is a list of my "accounts" (the people and priorities God's asked me to focus on this year).

Account Updates are for Unstuck Workshop Attendees so please don't feel left out! I'll only be posting account updates once a month.


God:  Finish memorizing the Greek alphabet (spoken and written)

Hubby:  Begin Bible study with him as per his request.

Daughter # 1: Help her complete volunteering application for the aquarium.

Daughter # 2:  Help her master her fitness regimen.

Son # 1: Find some study and focusing techniques.

Friends & Family: completed all goals here (YAY!)

Physical Health:  completed all goals here (YAY!) - continue to maintain

Leisure Time: completed all goals here (YAY!) - keep reading & sewing for fun:)

Personal & Professional Development: completed all goals need to write out new action plan here.


So that's it and I have to say I feel pretty good about my year! I had at least 3 major goals for all of my 10 accounts. Next year I plan to add a financial account because I will hopefully be earning some moola this year to fund our Unstuck ministry.

If you'd like to attend an Unstuck retreat, please post a comment and we'll get in touch with you!


  1. “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” - Confucious

    Or in our case: The women who move mountains begin by carrying away small stones.

    Thank God for the labor!

  2. heard, check
    listened, check

    moving into 2012 with a vision and purpose that blows me away every day! check

    Come join us!!