Thursday, March 29, 2012

Big Dreams

Do you have a bucket list?

Your bucket list is the list of things you want to accomplish before you kick the bucket. It's also known as a "Things to do before you die"/"Life Goals"/"Death Wish" list.

I kind of have one in my head, but lately I've encountered a couple of things that are making me take it a little more seriously.

1. It's one of the steps in The Power of Focus book I referred to in a previous post.

2. It's one chapter of Mark Batterson's latest book, The Circle Maker, which I just did as a study.

And here's the husband apparently has one, because the other day he called me from out of town to let me know he bought a Lamborghini.

"You bought what?"

I couldn't believe what I heard, so he said it again. "I bought a Lamborghini, it'll be great. You'll look so hot driving it around town and I just crossed that one off my bucket list."

Now you may think I was astounded that he'd buy something so expensive, but in reality, I was astounded by the fact that he has a secret bucket list. If I hadn't just read about it in the other two books, I might not have been as sensitive, but when I talked to my husband, I really started to think about it.

Then I started to think all sorts of other things and realized I was feeling jealous about my husband's ability to set major goals and reach them.

Why DON'T I have an actual bucket list? And, why are the things on the list in my head so small? Is it mostly men who dare to dream about big things? Or things that other people may think are ridiculous? I want some pretty big things but when I think about the miracle and amount of hard work it'd take to achieve them, I shrink a bit. I start to I dare dream so big?

Here's what The Power of Focus says about it. They call it a Goals List and ask you to set 101 of them! "Setting and achieving goals is one of the best ways to measure your life's progress and create unusual clarity. Consider the alternative - just drifting along aimlessly, hoping that one day good fortune will fall into your lap with little or no effort on your part. Wake up! You've got more chance of finding a grain of sugar on a sandy beach."

Here's what Mark Batterson says in The Circle Maker. He calls it a Life Goals List and has 115 in his book:
"What do life goals have to do with dreaming big? For that matter, what does goal setting have to do with praying hard and thinking long? The answer is everything. Goal setting is a great way of doing all three simultaneously." He combines the setting of goals with prayer as a way to accomplish God sized goals.

So I have started working on my bucket list. I got quite a ways and thought highly of myself until I realized I don't have enough - only about 30. Even my list is thinking small! As soon as I get finished, probably by Saturday, I'll publish my list and start praying.

    How about you? Let's start thinking like women who have a huge God behind us!

Be exalted, O Lord, in your strength; we will sing and praise your might. Psalm 21:13

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