Saturday, March 31, 2012

Good Health

This post is a long overdue thanks to God for what He has done for me in the past year and a half in regard to my physical health. I've been sick with various health problems for over five many to list:

Adult Onset Asthma
Multiple Vitamin Deficiencies
Many upper respiratory problems
Multiple female maladies

After a focused effort to take care of myself and get my entire body checked out top to bottom, I can say that all of my problems, with the exception of GERD, is gone. Thanks to God!

Don't get me wrong, the hard work was on me, but God guided me and gave me strength through it all. I had to allow poking, prodding and the discouragement and financial costs of multiple doctor's visits. It took about 14 months of dogged determination but I made my health my first priority after God and family.

I got the news in January that all of my blood tests were normal - the first time I've heard that in 5 years! It came during a time of fasting for my husband and I, so it was extra special. This leads me to the next part of praise. During the time of that good news of my health, my husband decided to make his health a priority.

This was totally a God thing, because all I did was pray and God did the rest. I wanted to watch a documentary on Netflix called, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Hubby wasn't too interested, but he did it anyway. He was so inspired by this film and the stories of the people in it, that he went out the next day, bought a juicer and started juice fasting.

I can happily report, that he's been at it for two months, and has lost over 40 pounds, his blood pressure is fantastic and he now has a better diet than I do. We've watched it twice and I can't say enough about it. We're now drinking our fruits and vegetables, although I'm not as good about it as he is.

 I don't often endorse movies or products, but if you're interested in learning more about juicing or just love inspirational stories, I urge you to watch this film.

It's up to us to be good stewards of our health and our bodies. It is NOT easy, I struggle with diet and exercise everyday and I fail often, but there's one line, I absolutely love in this documentary. The guy who made it, Joe Cross, is from Australia and he's talking about being able to fast for any length of time. He says something like, People get upset if they can't do the whole ten days and can only do seven, but I say, you can only do seven? Well, good on you for trying!

That's not a direct quote, but the simplicity of the statement has really impacted me. Now, I'm trying to rid myself of the GERD, which is caused by all the foods I love: coffee, chocolate, onions, garlic, peppers, and tomatoes, etc. When I stumble and don't feel so great about my progress, I say in an Australian accent, "Good on you for trying Erika!" and continue my efforts.

So in whatever endeavor you struggle to achieve, I say to you: Good on you for trying!

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