Wednesday, April 11, 2012


What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs. (Matthew 10:27)

I read this verse during my quiet time at 5:00 this morning and wondered, What does it mean? What would Jesus whisper in the dark that should be spoken in the daylight? Just then, I heard the chirping sound of birds outside my window. This morning, they sounded particularly joyful.

As I was pondering the scripture and the birds, I felt compelled to go outside, and sit in the dark on my back porch. When I say compelled, I mean drawn like a magnet. I figured God must have something to tell me. I grabbed a cup of coffee and my pink fluffy bathrobe, and sat down in the dark.

     Then I tried listening for the whisper.

I couldn't hear a thing over the chirping of the birds.

One in particular was incredibly loud. At first I thought, maybe it's worshipping, but then I changed my mind. It was so loud and bossy I decided it was giving orders and telling everyone what they needed to do for the day. I just wanted it to shut up, so the other birds could talk too. I tried closing my eyes so I could hear better, but after getting nothing, I gave up and went back inside.

My one takeaway was that if Jesus actually whispers in my ear, it must be something worth talking about.

Just now, I was in front of my house working in my garden and flowerpots. One of the things God impressed on me after last year's Unstuck retreat was that I'm supposed to build a garden. Believe me, I know it sounds weird, but what else is new? I'm doing it anyway!

While I was working, my husband came out and hung around for awhile.  As I popped in a flower I said, "Won't it look pretty later, when our guests come?"

He said, "Everything will be dead by then." Then he turned to walk away.

After I thanked him wholeheartedly for his encouragement, the Lord whispered in my ear...

THAT is the voice of the loudmouth. When you're trying to follow me, the voice of discouragement gets louder and bolder, and tries to drown out my whispers.

THAT is the voice that says, "You're worthless."
THAT is the voice that says, "You're not producing fruit."
THAT is the voice that says, "If you are the king of the Jews, save yourself." (Luke 23:37)

That's not my voice.

I just proclaimed what I heard: And, I tell you what, it only made me work harder.

Ironically, the verbena I was tending was something I planted last year, and because I procrastinated and didn't take it out of it's pot, it came back. (Win!) So, I took the worst looking one - one I'd planned to throw away, planted it in a separate pot and PRAYED over it.

Yes, I prayed that Jesus would resurrect even this sorry looking thing?

Are there any loudmouths you need to ignore?

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