Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Purposeful Pain

By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me - a prayer to the God of my life.
                                               Psalm 42:8

I woke up twice early this morning - once at 3:30 and then again at 4:20. The first time I was a little foggy and thought, Darn it! What woke me up? but I had a sense there would be pain... even though I couldn't feel it. I felt it at 4:20.

It's now the all too familiar aching, numbness and burning. I got out the medicine and heating pad, laid down and let the tears flow.

I cried not because of the pain, but out of gratitude to God. In my last post, I told you there's an upside to my affliction. I cried because I felt the faintest glimmer of hope for the first time in a long time.

I felt God's comfort and reassurance. I felt His presence in my room early this morning.

There is good and purpose in my pain. If nothing else, it has made me very conscious of what people who live with chronic pain (like my husband) must go through every day. It has made me sympathetic. My pain is the result of an auto "incident" which is like an accident with no impact, but it will come to an end eventually.

It's a long story, but basically my thoracic spine is frozen right now. My physical therapist said it will probably take anywhere from six to sixteen weeks for the pain to subside. He also said it's going to suck for me and manipulation may make it worse. At least he's honest!

I'm hopeful and praying that it'll subside in the shorter time frame, but even if it doesn't, I'm better for it. I'm also now interceding in prayer for people I wouldn't have thought to pray for before this experience; those suffering in silence.

Prayer: Lord, today I praise you for hope! I pray for your comfort and healing for the so many people who live with daily pain. Amen.

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