Saturday, July 27, 2013

Being Honest With Yourself

He did not fail to confess, but confessed freely, "I am not the Messiah." 
                                                                                                                                   John 1:20

Sometimes we can get stuck simply because we choose to keep ourselves all bottled up and not talk about the things that bother us.

Sometimes we can get stuck because we're not honest about ourselves.

I have to let you know that I am not the Messiah. 

Just kidding. I mean I'm not kidding about not being the Messiah... Oh never mind.

This morning, I went for a walk with my dog and noticed that many of my neighbors are gathered outside, enjoying themselves on this amazingly beautiful day. They were chatting, laughing, jogging, paddleboarding, boating and swimming. And I was trying to pull my dog along quickly so I could get back to my computer.

What is wrong with me?

It was then that I decided two things:

First, I decided to enjoy myself and take a vacation next week, so that means I won't be writing or blogging.

Second, I decided to let you in on something many of you already know. I'm a Type A personality.

      There I confessed it.

I have to say that I genuinely hate that term. People have called me that before and I cringed and then resented them for it.
                                                                                  Type A just sounds so....

Anyway, I looked it up on Google to see what the definition actually is and I came upon a website offering a Type A personality test. So I took it. Taking it was very enlightening because as I answered the questions I didn't really feel like I was Type A. Unfortunately, at the end of the test, if you want a clear result and not a murky generality, you have to pay
$ 6.95.

I'm also a sucker.

Not only did I pay for the test, I shelled out $ 17.95 for one month of unlimited tests. There are 161 tests on this site ranging from personality, worklife, whatever. I LOVE TESTS!

And....I'm not a Type A! I lean a little that way, but am actually as chill as I thought I was, except in the area of drive.
                                                             I am extremely driven.

So...if you want to have fun for $ 6.95 or $ 17.95, check out this site: I'm going to have fun on my non-Type A vacation so I'll see you in August.
                                                                                                           God is faithful and wonderful!

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