Monday, July 22, 2013

Your 5 greatest enemies

Now the five kings had fled and hidden in the cave at Makkedah. When Joshua was told that the five kings had been found hiding in the cave at Makkedah, he said, "Roll large rocks up to the mouth of the cave, and post some men there to guard it." Joshua 10:16-18

Joshua was one of God's mightiest warriors, and he was appointed by God to be the leader of Israel after Moses died. Joshua was charged with getting the Israelites over to the promised land, and then driving all of the enemies out. 

In one of the many battles he continually fought, he had the opportunity to capture the leaders of his enemies, the Amorites, and put them in a cave. 

One of the ways we can remain stuck, is by not properly identifying our enemies. But what if we could capture them in our minds, and stick them in a cave for a bit, like Joshua did to the five kings in the scripture above?

This post is going to be one of a two part exercise designed to help you figure out and destroy your five greatest enemies. What are the five things, issues or people that stand between you and God's mission for your life? Knowing who they are is half the battle.
Here are my 5greatest enemies:






I battle one or more of these five things every day. Satan, the enemy of all enemies, uses these things against me because he knows my weaknesses. Some days I'm successful in battle, some days I'm not. Tomorrow, I'll talk about how we can defeat these "kings" of progress, but for now I have a question...

Do you know who your enemies are?

                                                                                              God is faithful and wonderful!


  1. I have been enjoying all your posts and am glad you are back to writing. This is a great one to chew on, and I plan to do just that. I am not sure who all five of my enemies are, but I know busyness definitely makes the list. Will have to figure out the others, I have some ideas...

    I look forward to tomorrow's post!

  2. Thanks! I'll pray over those other enemies...maybe if you're lucky you don't have five:)