Saturday, October 26, 2013

Faith Detective

One of the things I most love about digging through my family's history, is finding common characteristics and interests that link us together now. Just some of the many things I've found are writing, singing, art, archiving and historical preservation.

Growing up as a young child, I felt like there was something off about me. Like there was a piece of myself that was missing and it was my destiny to find whatever "it" was. Now I know, that what I was searching for was God, the knowledge of who I am, and a sense of authentic intimacy in my family relationships.
                               Thankfully, God found me, but I never lost the love of the search.

There were several breaks in my family's faith over the generations, but through ancestral research, I've been able to pick up pieces of the chain that once held us together.

Family History Tip:

Before you hop online and waste money, gather as much information as you can.  Making a list of full names, dates of births and deaths, hometown information and country of origin are most helpful.

                                                                                           Happy Hunting!

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