Saturday, October 19, 2013


For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgement of God rather than burnt offerings. Hosea 6:6

One of the other things I’m learning during this time of affliction is how beautiful God’s purpose and love for us really is. Yes, he allows his children to go through suffering, illness and occasionally, death. But with it, He always brings blessings.

We must open our spiritual eyes to see the blessing!

One of the blessings I’ve received from these years of affliction, is having the gift of mercy given back to me.

Long ago, in a church far away, I discovered that one of the spiritual gifts I received at salvation was the gift of mercy. It was with this compassionate gift of love, that I entered vocational ministry.

However, at that church, mercy was not highly valued. Leadership, a gift I also possessed, was needed and necessary, so I neglected one gift in favor of the other and ... it kind of dried up. I felt the loss deeply and mourned it, but I didn’t have the human strength to get it back.

The Lord, in his kindness, has used painful affliction to help me remember and give me back what I lost.

I am grateful. Yes, I’ll say it again – I am grateful. I rejoice in my pain.

Okay, some days I just lay in bed and moan. But I also rejoice, because so many people are suffering like I am, and through it, we can find strength, encouragement and fellowship.

I hope today’s post, helps you take a long look at your own afflictions and troubles, and I pray you get to see your blessings.
                                                                Always remember, He is wonderful and faithful!

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