Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Illness and Family History - Find the missing link

The reason I write about the topics of chronic pain and family history can be summed up in one word:                                        Genetics.

Genetics is the fascinating study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics. Have you ever been told you have "good genes?" Have you ever heard, "You take after your father?" (that can be either good or bad.)

Have you noticed that at the doctor's office - and if you're a chronic pain sufferer, you're always at the doctor - they grill you about your family history? At a recent visit to establish care with a new physician, they asked about my grandparents! I could sort of tell him about my maternal side, but could give limited information about my paternal grandparents.

Especially since I just located my bio grandpa on and he's deceased.

Obviously, there's a link to the variety of things passed down to us via the family line. My family members have passed down some great things:

A strong work ethic.

       Practical sensibility.

              Love of reading, gardening and old things.



                 Parkinson's Disease (yikes)

Talking about these things with your family and doctor is important. Let me repeat that:


                                                     MUY IMPORTANTE (Spanish)

                                                             TRES IMPORTANT (French)

Are there some questions you need to start asking? Don't wait! You'll learn a few things about your family members and may discover missing links in your own health history.


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