Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sharing Saturdays: 3 gift ideas for pain sufferers

In one of my last posts, I said I wasn't worried about my naked Christmas tree. But my family couldn't take it any longer; we had to get the job done. So following my own advice, I had my son help, and for the first time in 20 years I didn't mess with the lights (at least not in front of anyone).

But I did decorate it and it's lovely!

But the exertion sent me into a flare and made me growly...

After three days of intense pain, I finally got out to do a little Christmas shopping. I bought a couple of necessary things for myself, which led me to these gift ideas for others:

This is the Kabooti and it's great for the booty! I'm serious. It helps take pressure off the spine and also the pelvic floor. I got mine at a medical supply company and it comes with a convenient handle.

The next is the Smushion - yes, seriously. This thing is so great, I'm using it right now under my knees. I took a picture of it with my own remote inside it. It also holds my phone and I can flip it around for a lap desk. I also bought one for my husband who suffers chronic pain and constantly uses my good pillows as foot props. It comes in a variety of colors and I'll bet our kids will steal them from us.

I found mine at Hallmark, but they're also at stores like Walmart and As Seen On TV. Here's their website link:

The final gift idea is the cervical neck pillow. I was reluctant to get this because of how attached I was to my down pillow, but it has significantly reduced the pain in my neck.

Hopes these ideas help someone and I'm praying a pain free holiday for you!


  1. Hi Erika,
    I am praying for a pain free holiday for YOU. Hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas, lots of love, L

  2. Thank you, my friend! Wish you a Merry Christmas as well:)