Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Do You Celebrate The Small Things?

"C'mon baby," I said, furiously pumping my arms. I took a deep breath and straightened up for a moment, trying to ease the searing pain in my back and arms.

I bent over and tried again. Pump, pump, pump.

My CPR training kicked in; I regathered my strength and went at it for what seemed like the hundredth time.

No luck. I stood up and cursed it, "Stupid toilet!"

Out of breath and frustrated, I leaned against the bathroom wall for a minute. I'd been trying to clear a clog in the girl's bathroom for the better part of the day. The girls had been unable to fix it and after awhile, my mind started to mess with me.

      Remember when you used to be able to do this with no problem?

           Remember when you used to run, jump and dance any time you wanted?

                 Remember when...

Remembering when is dangerous territory for me. As soon as I recognize these words of self-pity roaming around my mind, I shut them down, turn them off and kill them if I have to.

I turned my attention back to the toilet but before I started, I prayed: "Please Lord. I need your help. We can do this."
                            Pump. Pump. Pump. Again and three more times and...  flush.

I did a little dance, hobbled downstairs to Katya and said, "Success! I have just unclogged your toilet. You're Welcome!" and then I wiggled a little more. Katya said, "Wow mom. You're acting like that was a big victory."

Any victory turns into big things for Fibro Warriors. Celebrating keeps our spirits up and I think it also gives God a little smile.

                                         Do you have any victories of your own to share?

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