Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Trying to find the right Fibromyalgia Drugs?

Sorry for the delay in posting. My family and I went to Israel and the Palestinian Territories to celebrate Easter. Depending on where we were, internet was spotty.

                                                                                              Damascus Gate, Israel

In my last post, I wrote about my favorite medications. Today, I’ll share the next one on my list in hope that it helps someone else struggling with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

My # 2 favorite drug is Cymbalta and it was the drug given with Amytriptiline.  It cut my pain in half in just ten days. I was dopey for a bit, but I knew it was a side effect, so I allowed myself time for my body to get used to it. 

I felt like a new woman for a few months, but it was short lived; the pain re-emerged and I was discouraged.

So why is it my # 2 favorite drug? Because it still worked, and it may be just the thing for other people, especially those who don't want to use heavier drugs. I still take Cymbalta once a day in addition to other meds.

Four months ago I feared I'd never be able to travel again because of pain, but medication allows me to have a better quality of life.

This is one of my favorite moments from the trip. I was about to go through the Damascus Gate when an Arabic woman stopped me and held out her camera. I thought she wanted me to take a picture of her, so I reached out to take it and she handed me her baby. I was her tourist attraction!

Six months ago I wouldn't have been able to hold that baby, so what a gift it was for me.

My purpose in writing about the benefits of medication, is to encourage you to keep pushing through the long hard days of waiting to see what works on your body.

                                                  God is with us in our struggle.

But as for me, afflicted and in pain - may your salvation, God, protect me.                              Psalm 69:29
                                                                                   He is faithful and wonderful!

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