Tuesday, March 10, 2015

7 Scriptures to help with loneliness

Living with chronic illness can be lonely, heartbreakingly lonely.

At times our friends call less, our family struggles with acceptance and people who don't know us very well pass judgement.

I've struggled with loneliness all my life, but when you add "sickness" to the mix it takes on a whole different level of discouragement and sadness.

If anyone can relate to us, it's Jesus. He faced all of our struggles and feels all of our pain. When he was arrested in the olive grove right before his crucifixion, all his friends left him.
But he was never alone. 
And neither are we. Our God is always with us - at all times, in all circumstances - even when we can't feel his presence. Here are some scriptures to encourage and help you if you're struggling with this powerful emotion . . .

I hope you will write out the ones that spoke to you and carry them in your pocket when you need a little pick me up.
                                                                                      Be well, love well.


  1. These are some great verses, Erika. Thank you for picking them out and sharing them!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Katy, I hope they will encourage someone!