Saturday, August 6, 2011

Godsmacks and Lovetaps

Yesterday afternoon I had to take my son, Spike*, to football practice. I say "had" literally. That's usually my husband's department but his best friend was in town visiting so I took him instead.

I sat in my chair on the sidelines hating every minute of it. It was hot, fire ants were climbing over my toes and I don't like sports. I'm not a football fan, or any kind of fan for that matter, so basically you now understand my misery.

Just when I thought I could endure it for the two hours, a loud-mouthed man next to me starts screaming (encouraging) at his son, "Let's go Cooper! Run the ball! That's right, take it down the field!" And I'm serious when I say, nothing was even happening. The kids were just standing in a lineup trying to hear instructions from the coach.

Inside I thought, Oh great, this guy's gonna give me a headache. I hate parents who scream from the sidelines. Then, just as quickly, an image of one of my friends - a screaming (encouraging) mother - popped into my head and I thought, Except her. I love her.

I looked around the field, at all of the families, and individual spectators and I was flooded with God's love. An overwhelming sensation of God's love came over me and He seemed to say I love every one of these. I know every one of these people inside and out and I have plans for each one.

It was enough to bring me to tears. I felt small against his bigness and extremely insignificant. I thanked Him for the correction. Used to be when I was corrected by Him I'd say I'd been Godsmacked. But this one was different - this was a Lovetap!

"How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them!"  Psalm 139:17

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