Friday, January 27, 2012

Slow It Down Cowgirl!

As I awoke from a short, but deep sleep this morning, I agreed with God that I'd slow life down a bit and said, "Ok, the next post will be called Slow It Down Cowgirl!" So there you go and here it is...even if you're not a cowgirl.

Several years ago I actually had a blog called Live Slow. I wrote it as a reminder to myself every day, that while life may seem like it's flying by, I don't need to match the pace. You see, when I try to go faster than a speed that's comfortable for me, I end up missing out on quality time with Him.

Quality is the operative word.

I have a quiet time every single morning, but most times the quality comes when I'm going about my daily activities as a wife and mother. In fact, many of my most poignant interactions with God happen as I wash clothes, weed the flower garden, or make the beds.

God reveals himself to me in the mundane chores of life.

I almost never hear Him when I'm in a rush. I never hear him when I'm yelling at my kids to find their freakin' shoes so we're not tardy (again). I never hear Him when I'm trying to cram four errands into an hour.

He most often reveals Himself to me in the quiet things of life and that happens best when I live slow on purpose. Being slow takes practice and patience - lots and lots of it - but some of the most significant times of growth have come when I committed myself to this discipline.

If you're interested in giving it a shot, John Ortberg has an entire section on slowing down in his book, The Life You've Always Wanted, spiritual disciplines for ordinary people. It's a great read.

Wishing you a super slow weekend!

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