Monday, January 9, 2012

True Friendship

This morning in my quiet time, I looked out my window and saw two seabirds soaring side by side. One flew up and the other followed, then she flew down and the other stayed beside her. A funny thought popped into my head. They're not male and female, they're friends.

I immediately thought of my great friends, the ones who soar with me whether I'm up or down.

Then I read two separate e-mails from two of them on behalf of another, an amazing woman named Lisa, one of our Unstuck Sisters. The emails were written to a bunch of us, and were about making provision for her during an upcoming battle with cancer. I'm sharing her name because she's a writer and will be blogging about her journey. I'll be linking to her site.

Though we've no idea why God allowed this disease to affect Lisa, it's clear He's surrounded her with an army of friends to love her through the adversity.

A friend is always loyal, and a brother (sister) is born to help in time of need.  Prov 17:17 NLT

Prayer for Lisa:  Heavenly Father, she calls you Daddy. On our knees we ask you to be with your daughter as she and her family walk down this unknown path. We know you see the end and know the outcome. We know you're good and sovereign, no matter what. Surround her with friends for the journey and let your light shine brightly through her to every patient and healthcare worker she meets. Let us, her family, meet and provide for all her needs during this time. Amen.


  1. ...OH! and I'm not the "Lisa". She's a rock star. I'm just a groupie :)