Sunday, March 30, 2014

Doing things differently: Do you need to learn to trust God again?

Sundays are God's days.

By that I mean, God created all days, but Sunday is the first day of the week and therefore set aside for him.

Today my pastor preached a money sermon. Oh, how I love money sermons! Just kidding.

I could see that it was helpful to the hearers wanting to learn about the spiritual benefits of the tithe. Since that's already something I practice, I asked the Lord to help me apply the basics of the message to an area of my life. It was easy...

                                  Time is the most precious commodity to me.

It always has been, but now that illness and healing takes up so much of it, I find myself becoming gluttonous. Just picture me with my arms and legs wrapped around a giant clock.

That's right. Just like with money, we can hoard and protect our time. We can become stingy, guarding it and hiding ourselves away.

                            I find that I have to learn to trust God all over again.

Sad, but true.

So during today's sermon I asked myself: What can I do differently?

How can I be a good steward of my diminished time?

                  I know the first part of the answer is to give him the first part of my time.

Just like my financial tithe, I've got to give him this first day and pray that he'll bless the rest of my week.

The pictures below remind me of how he's answered one of my constant prayers. For years, I'd sit out on my front porch and complain to him. "Lord, it'd be a good day, if at the end of it, I could sit here and see the sunset. But I can't because there's a stupid house blocking my view."

No kidding. Every day, I'd sit there and say the same thing. I just wanted to have a clear and unobstructed view of the sun going down.

Last year it dawned on me that he'd answered my complaining prayer, years later, in a way I couldn't imagine...

Every day at 5:30, I go out on the porch and take a picture of the sun going down. My husband laughs at me and tells me it's the same view every day, but I think he's wrong.

So I've decided to lean in to God, especially on Sundays, and pray for his blessing on the rest of my week. I hope somehow, that I can take a picture of my answered prayer.

               What about you? Do you need to trust him in an area of your life?

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