Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Favorite Fibro Drugs - # 4 and # 5

I'm tired of talking about meds and by now, I'm sure you're tired of hearing about them. So I've decided to wrap up the last two in one post.

The last two drugs I'm going to write about are (insert the name of the narcotic that works for you) and my absolute, hands down favorite:


Many doctors don't like to or won't prescribe narcotics, and if you get one of those, then switch doctors. There are days you'll be in agony and will need something to take the edge off - if that's even possible. A good doctor alleviates suffering and many primary care physicians are unskilled at or uncomfortable prescribing controlled substances.

That's what pain specialists are for. They're specially trained to alleviate suffering while they determine the source of it. Then they work hard to get you to the point where your pain is controlled by the appropriate medicine for your condition. People who don't use pain meds for secondary gain (aka to get high) don't get addicted to pain meds because it's going directly to the source of pain.

Lyrica is in a class by itself as far as I'm concerned. It's singularly the one, that's changed my quality of life....once the doctors got the dosage correct. At first, I was on a low dose - like 50 mg a day - and then I got fired by my doctor (thank God) and my amazing pain specialist increased it to 300 mg a day. And sometimes, I almost feel normal.

It took eight weeks of patience for it to really kick in and start working on my body, but the wait was worth it.

So there you go. Pain medication is covered for now on this blog, and we can move on to other things.

Please, please....more than anything, I don't want my pain to go to waste. If you think my blog may help ease someone else's suffering, then by all means share these posts!

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