Monday, February 27, 2012

Unproductive Habits it is, my complete list of all of the habits that make me unproductive (or less productive). As a side not: This does note include the list of things that make me feel guilty, but now I realize that they are related. That list will be next:)

Lack of daily exercise
Frequently I don't want to communicate with others
Procrastinating on tasks I find boring or difficult
Letting others (esp. my husband) change my scheduled plans
Not clearly coordinating or communicating my schedule to my husband
Not checking bank accounts daily
Not asserting myself aggressively when opportunity arises (i.e. I can be too polite)
Taking myself too seriously
Taking others too seriously
Not following up on relational e-mails in a timely fashion (I hate Google stacking)
Not following up with Unstuck e-mails urgently (I hate Google stacking)
Not setting work related goals high enough to be challenging
Getting distracted by other people's problems
Using too many journals/notebooks (I have a pretty paper addiction)
Not giving myself time to learn difficult tasks (persistence)
Forgetting people's names (this is new)
Not fixing broken things in a timely manner
Impulsively switching between projects
Not writing every day
Not setting writing goals
Not checking in enough with extended family
Being lazy about marketing
Keeping piles of photos out in the open (irritant)
Not checking e-mail every day
Delaying critical/important conversations
Inconsistency in listmaking
Not giving myself the luxury of time (for too many things to list)
Buying cards and not sending them out (I like cards:))

So there you have it! Tonight, I'll pick the top three to four that mess me up the most and outline my action plan about correcting them. Planning is half the battle here, the other half is following through.

The best part about this exercise is that I spent the last 3 days in a state of mindfulness, which oddly gave me clearer insight into how much other people's productivity levels negatively affect my own. More to come on that!

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